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immanent adj
1 of a mental act performed entirely within the mind; "a cognition is an immanent act of mind" [syn: subjective] [ant: transeunt]
2 of qualities that are spread throughout something; "ambition is immanent in human nature"; "we think of God as immanent in nature"

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From the present participle of immanere, from im-, "in", + manere, "to remain", "to stay".


  • /ˈɪmənənt/
  • SAMPA: /Im@n@nt/


  1. naturally part of something; inherent; integral
    Love is immanent in humans.
  2. restricted to the mind; subjective



  1. immanent



  1. immanent

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Immanent (Not to be confused with immanant, a mathematical portmanteau of 'permanent' & 'determinant', a function of matrix that generalizes the concept of determinant such as the immanant of a matrix.) may refer to:
  • Immanence, philosophical and metaphysical theories of the divine as existing and acting within the mind or the world.

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

accessible, actual, as is, at hand, attendant, available, being, contemporaneous, contemporary, current, deep-seated, esoteric, existent, existing, extant, fresh, immediate, implanted, implicit, in view, inalienable, indwelling, infixed, ingrained, inherent, inner, instant, internal, intrinsic, inward, inwrought, irreducible, latest, modern, new, on board, on deck, on hand, present, present-age, present-day, present-time, private, resident, running, secret, subjective, that be, that is, topical, unalienable, unchallengeable, unquestionable, up-to-date, up-to-the-minute, within call, within reach, within sight
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